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Hello friends:
We are excited with the announcement of a new book now available written by Arkansas City, Kansas author/artist Robert William Vincent (AKA) pabear48

Titled:               Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone?

                           674 pages of reference for Serious  Bible Study

                           Read the Simplicity of the Gosple!

Learn what the Church's do not want you to read and know?

Come and take a peek……….    New e-PDF just $ 2.99

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Arkansas City, Kansas artist/author Robert William Vincent has designed products for the entire family with using his Master Art Paintings.
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Our New Native American Book
Authored by: Trulee Ann "STANDLEE" Wells and Robert William Vincent
This book formed from all the Pow Wows Trulee and Bob attend. In that regard, we discovered visitors had many questions about the pow wow, etiquette and the Dancers.

Trulee and Bob wrote this sharing to give some general concepts about pow wows and information reference to Native American Traditions and Culture. Along with some very old Native American Heritage stories! And, some of our own! 

Language English
It is a simple general sharing as we see and understand from our Walk upon Mother Earth.

Thank you for taking a peek or purchasing it Today!     Bob ( aka ) pabear48

 From Trulee:

Our book is a sharing about Native American traditions, culture and pow wows as well as some Fire Ring stories. Sharing the etiquette and respect with the reasoning’s and whys in a simple Fashion from our Walk upon the pathways set before us each day.

We do sell this booklet at every Pow Wow and are thrilled that many Native Americans buy one for their very own children to read. It is a simple booklet, and yet the information is right on to Traditions, Culture and Ceremonies. 

It is deeply detailed in Traditions which are thousands of years of heritage Culture of the Native Americans.


Native American Traditions 2014    



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